Kidz 4 Kidz, Inc. (K4K), a501(c) (3) organization, is founded by contemporary teenage Christian/Gospel recording artists Guielle, Patria and Marisa Juzang of singing group JUZANG.

I. Mission Statement

K4K’s dual mission is to be a significant force in promoting and motivating youth by:

  1. Planning events/programs using youth with talent in order to attract youth to a forum where they can be inspired in various fields, especially fields related to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education initiatives.
  2. Setting up fundraisers, providing a platform for local gifted and talented youth to encourage other youth by singing, playing an instrument, etc. The main purpose of the fundraiser would be 1) to raise money to assist organizations that focus on helping youth who are are challenged due to health, economic or abuse factors; and 2) to set up a positive motivational environment to encourage youth that need positive role models
    • In 2008 and 2009, Kidz 4 Kidz raised over $10K for the Pediatric Oncology program at Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children and the National Children’s Advocacy Center by hosting their “Making a Joyful Noise” benefit concerts. These concerts featured talented Tennessee Valley “kid” artists, along with national known Grammy, Dove, and/or Stellar Award winning artists.
    •  Kidz 4 Kidz also raised funds ($1000.00) by hosting an event to purchase Christmas gifts for children at the Harris Home for Children.

II. Methodology

K4K would work to motivate youth to pursue areas of studies in the STEM fields. According to Ginger Booton, a coordinator of career/technical and adult education, reports that 5.3 million skilled jobs will be left vacant through retirements with no one qualified to fill them. She further indicates that now, more than ever, our youth must prepare for where the jobs are and they must be urged to investigate career trends if they expect to find employment after graduation in one of the toughest labor markets we have seen in years. Agencies such as the Department of Defense and NASA have determined that there is a huge deficit of engineering talent available to fill the numerous positions, especially here in Alabama since these agencies have relocated many of their programs to Alabama, particularly Huntsville! With this great demand for STEM professionals, the K4K team would like to set up events to attract youth to attend so a motivational and educational forum will be provided for mentors and/or celebrity spokespersons to inspire the targeted audience. The K4K team would seek out some of the most imaginative and innovative minds inside and outside of STEM education to explore and inspire our youth. Proposed events are {not all inclusive}:

  • Concerts utilizing local talent and a national known artist.
  • Theatrical Events. K4K would join hands with area students involved in theatrics to produce an entertainment event that would allow another forum to “MOTIVATE TO EDUCATE” scenario.
  • Banquet, highlighting a motivational speaker who has experience in a STEM field (for example, renowned neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben Carson; or a retired NASA engineer; or sports figure that graduated in a STEM field, etc.). JUZANG and/or some other youthful group(s) can provide singing entertainment to attract other youth to this type of event.

Establish a mentor partnership program utilizing retired government/veteran engineers, scientists, etc. as mentors to prepare the next generation of STEM professionals:

  • “MOTIVATE TO EDUCATE” youth of the advantages and rewards of a STEM Career, focusing on ages 12 – 18 since these are pre-high school and pre-college ages.
  •  Provide a platform (i.e., seminars, lab, etc.) for current or previous STEM professionals to become mentors by sharing their experience, knowledge and/or skills with youth, especially youth who may be undecided about their future career goals or youth who need positive reinforcement. This type of program will also allow STEM retirees an opportunity to “make a difference” while avoiding the feelings of boredom that can come from having no sense of a daily purpose, and possibly, allow retirees to obtain a small income.
  •  Create and provide motivational videos specifically design to attract youth to STEM careers. These videos can be available to anyone hosting a STEM program or to STEM teachers.

K4K would continue their mission of using talented children/youth to raise money and bring awareness of other non-profit programs that cater to children who are experiencing incomprehensible challenges due to their environment or health. The Huntsville community has a lot of unexposed talent that is not recognized and K4K will not only help children who are experiencing challenges, but will also help children who love music by providing an opportunity for them to perform to a large audience, which ultimately is allowing them to be recognized for their accomplishments.

For more information regarding Kidz 4 Kidz, Inc. (K4K) please call Guy Juzang at 256-603-0973.