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Juzang – Back 2 Life (EP)

Back 2 Life (EP)

By Bob Marovich

You may be asking yourself: what’s a Juzang?

It’s a trio of singing sisters—Guielle, Patria, and Marisa Juzang—from Huntsville, Alabama. The lovely young ladies released their EDM-fueled inspirational single, “Back 2 Life,” this past spring. They return with a five-track EP of the same name that gives listeners a chance to hear more of their sweet harmonies.

The title track, with its explosive punctuation of electronica, is still the group’s strongest offering. Nevertheless, the EP demonstrates that the trio does not need to hide behind musical pyrotechnics, however effective they may be, courtesy of producer Fred “Blaze” Crawford. Only the title track and a snippet of “No Apologies” turn up the heat.  The rest of the EP is mellow and melodic.

Juzang’s cheery harmonies are evocative of Virtue, a group that the sisters count as one of their inspirations. Each sister can also play at least one instrument: Guielle is proficient on flute, Marisa can play piano, and Patria can perform on piano and saxophone.

The EP is relentlessly positive.  Songs such as “Give You My All” and “No Apologies” are the ladies’ odes to God as the chief guide and safety net in their lives. “No Apologies” uses an automobile metaphor to articulate how safe the Juzangs feel in God’s hands, as they recline in the back seat, living out their dreams because the Almighty is at the wheel.

“Rest in Thee” is the loveliest selection on the EP. It envelops with sparkling harmonies and a balladic arrangement the relieving truth that God loves us despite our rejecting Him.

The Back 2 Life EP leaves no doubt that Juzang has both the passion and talent to express their faith through music.

Three of Five Stars

Picks: “Back 2 Life,” “Rest in Thee.”


Original article from http://journalofgospelmusic.com/reviews-2/juzang-back-2-life-ep/

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